Learn Spanish Free Online – Is it Possible?

Nowadays, it may seem conceivable that you can save money if you learn Spanish online for free, which you can, to a degree.

Learning Spanish online has replaced traditional methods of learning Spanish like the evening class and the audio course. With the busy schedules many of us have today we need to have the flexibility and freedom that an online Spanish course offers.

With the economic situation the way it is right now, cost effectiveness is a big issue in whatever we do and when you choose to learn Spanish the cost IS important. For example a course of evening classes that you would need to achieve a good level of fluency could cost you as much as $2000 and private tutors are no less expensive, so no wonder people start to look to learn Spanish Free online.

There is an abundance of free learning material online to help you with learning Spanish, and there are even free courses that will get you up to a basic level of Spanish, the trouble is many of them are not structured and although you could probably put together a course that would enable you to learn Spanish free online it would be very segmented meaning you would be jumping between many different websites.

The better option is to purchase an online course; these can range from $100 up to $500, but if you are dead set on not spending any money a suggestion would be to check out the BBC website (it is a .co.uk domain).

The Beeb, as it is lovingly known in the UK, have an excellent language site that covers Castilian Spanish (the Spanish as spoken in Spain). Although the site material is designed to accompany their educational TV programs there is plenty to help you begin to learn Spanish, should you be unable to access the TV programs.

If you want to learn Spanish effectively, and to be fair, learning Spanish is far easier and more effectively learned when you are taught rather than attempting to teach yourself with a mish-mash of free material. But in the quest to learn Spanish online for free there are some gems that have been uncovered.

An excellent course that offers a free initial 6 day course is Rocket Spanish, it concentrates on conversational Spanish which is fantastic as this will help you learn Spanish much quicker as it is a much more enjoyable way to learn the language. If you wisely decide that you would be better off buying a course rather than trying to learn Spanish free online then this has got to be your first choice.

The course is excellent value for money as it costs around the $100 mark and it is also covered by a money back guarantee unequalled by any other online course, so that eliminates any risk. It is the most popular online Spanish course and its success rate for students is phenomenal, so if you haven’t given up looking to learn Spanish free online yet, at least check out the free 6 day course, and make a decision after that.

Learn Spanish Free Online

Why studying online is a great way to learn Spanish?

There are many reasons as to why studying online is a great way to learn Spanish. Probably one of the best reasons is that there are plenty of websites around which offer people to learn Spanish free online.

By being able to learn Spanish free online this gives people a chance to take part in interactive lessons which will really teach them how to speak Spanish. Certainly many of the free courses now available online can be both fun and easy to use. There are specific courses which are available to those who are complete novices where the Spanish language is concerned and there are courses for those who are looking for something a little more intensive.

However, when looking for a free online Spanish course it is important to look at the quality and quantity of the material that they providing to you. In some cases the course that you may be taking will need your internet to have a browser facility which allows you to read the language that you are learning.

For some people they find that the easiest way of learning Spanish online is by listening and they believe that once they have learnt enough Spanish then they will be able to try beginning to speak it. However, unfortunately learning Spanish online in this way does not work for everybody.

What you also need to accept is that the grammar of the Spanish language is completely different from that found in the English language. So it is important that you focus on the objective of the language as then you will find it much more easier to communicate effectively when using it. Therefore it is necessary that you should understand each and every grammatical facet of the Spanish language and certainly by taking a free online Spanish course you should be able to achieve this.

Probably one of the biggest reasons as to why more and more people learn Spanish free online is that it allows them to study when they want and at their own pace. Many people are using this method for learning Spanish as it means that they work their course around their own schedules. No longer do you need to organize your life around attending a school or meeting up with a private tutor at specific times or days in order to have your lessons. In fact with free online Spanish lessons you could actually be doing it anywhere, for example you can be doing it whilst waiting to see the doctor all you need to do is download the lesson on to your MP3 player and you are away.

Can You Learn to Speak Spanish Free Online?

If you want to learn to speak Spanish free online, the choices have never been greater for you. The resources available to you and all other students of Spanish will help you to learn to speak Spanish free online, relatively quickly, but unfortunately not much above basic level though. Hopefully this article will offer you some direction with regards to what free resources are available and will save you wasted hours trawling the internet whilst on your quest to learn to speak Spanish free online.

1. Want to Learn to Speak Spanish Free Online?:

I think the best place to start is the BBC website, in my opinion if you want to learn to speak Spanish free online you cannot do so without visiting this site.

There are many course resources here including worksheets and streamed video, and although the resources available are designed and intended to accompany the BBC language TV programs televised on BBC2 (the website tells you when they are scheduled) they are still more than useable without the TV programs. Besides, you can print off the transcripts from all the TV programs from the website. This is excellent free stuff from the BBC.

2. You Can’t Learn to Speak Spanish Free Online without Using Free Translation Tools.

You will undoubtedly struggle with the meanings of words and phrases from time to time and these three tools will offer free translation from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English for you: Freetranslation.com; Babelfish.com and the Google language tool.

It is probably wise to use these translation tools in combination with each other to get a reasonably correct translation. The reason for this is that all three of these

services are automated translators and do not have the versatility to deal with anything other than straightforward language and grammar.

3. Learn to Speak Spanish Free online with Conversational Courses.

You will be able to find free Spanish courses on the internet but they will be very short and very basic, and I’ve already mentioned that you should visit the BBC website that I believe is virtually impossible to surpass for free content. But the one part of Spanish Study that even the BBC site falls down on is the conversational side of language study.

No matter how hard you look, you will struggle to find anything worthwhile that is free to cover this area so I would suggest looking at the free 6 day conversational course currently being offered by Rocket Languages. There are links at the foot of this article to help you check this free course out.

In conclusion; if you want to learn to speak Spanish free online then check out the BBC site as it is awesome, and by the way, I forgot to mention that the BBC site covers Castilian Spanish, which is the Spanish spoken in Spain and is the base language used by all other Spanish speaking nations in the world.

But if you are serious about achieving a good level of spoken and therefore conversational Spanish you need to check out Rocket Spanish.